Life is hard when you are from another planet. I know because according to my family I come from somewhere out of this world. 

They haven’t exactly said it in so many words but it's implied. My husband generally treats me with no apparent prejudices and my children are mostly polite but sometimes…

Take this morning for example. I jump out of bed at 5:00 to greet the sun and do a little reading and exercise. I jump back into bed an hour later for a little nap and get up around 7:00, still before anyone else. I throw open the blinds, open the windows so I can water my window boxes and hanging plants then let the dog out.

About 8:00 the rest of the family start their grunts and groans and begin their little morning procedures. They walk around the house closing all the blinds and my husband repeats his little mantra, only not to any recognizable tune. “You know Jane, if you left the blinds shut the house would stay cool all day.”

Ariana, who happens to be staying with us for a few days, adds her plug nickels worth. “Yeah mom, I close the blinds at my house and it stays cool all day long.”

Well whoop dee do! I just want to hit a button and press play because we have this conversation so many times. “It is summer. It is supposed to be hot. I like it hot. I like to see the sun. It only shines for forty five days of the year and I want to see and feel and bask in every nanosecond of it.”

The instant the sun comes out Rick buys his annual keg of sunscreen, turns every fan in the house on and ramps up the air conditioner. Our house is a little like living in Alaska, mid freeze. He wants to strip the bed down to nothing but I insist we don’t. I sleep with all my winter covers plus the extra layer he throws off of his side onto mine, then I let the dog cuddle up at my feet for extra warmth.

He keeps his office the same way. The days I work there I wear my winter coat, wool socks and fur lined gloves. Even then I have to slip outside every once in awhile to warm up.

So, we settle our differences. I reign at home on the planet next to the sun, where I spend most of my time and Rick rules the office where he spends most of his. I don’t know what we will do when he retires one day. Maybe by then they will have invented some sort of clothing insulated with ice. All I know is that my blinds will be open and homage will be paid to the sun.


Shari said...

Hurray for the sun! Hurray for the open blinds! And open windows with fresh morning air! My husband leaves early and my children don't dare touch ANYTHING!

Connie said...

I hear you on letting the sun shine in. My hubs has always been the kind to keep the whole house shut up on hot days and all that seems to happen is it becomes a sweat box in the evening. At least it does cool down at night so sleeping is more comfortable.

I do have one question though, has the sun been shining at your house? because we have seen very little over here on this side of the river...ha ha ha!


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