I really did LOL as I was reading, and had to stop to read some of the stories aloud to my husband.
Jane Still has such a dry sense of humor and she can find the humor in any situation.
If you don't get this book for your mother this year, shame on you!
just think Lucille Ball and you can only imagine the way Jane managed. Too funny.
don't think I stopped smiling the entire read. The illustrations added just the right touch to the anecdotes. It's the perfect Mother's Day gift.
This book is small, only 87 pages long, and will fit into your purse. This is the only problem I had with the book, I wanted it to be longer!

Well worth the time to read, this book will put a smile on your face and help you remember that although motherhood can be crazy at times you can find much joy and humor in the experience.

I found Crazy Daze to be lots of fun. Maybe because it's just easier to laugh at someone else's fumbles and disasters than it is your own.
As my husband will tell you, it's rare for me to laugh out loud when reading a book [or listening to his jokes :-)], but for The Crazy Daze of Motherhood I did! And more than a few times.
Jane Still has written a collection of stories about being a mother that are just sooo close to home.
Jane Isfeld Still has a terrific ability to find humor amidst craziness.
I found it completely delightful and I have to admit that I burst out laughing several times, loud enough to have both my kids and husband wonder if I was just a little crazy.
Jane's positive attitude about life shines through in every story. I loved it!
It was a fun and fast read, and had me laughing out loud.
I was laughing so hard at times that my husband kept shooting me glances from where he was working on the computer, so I'd have to read sections out loud to him
It gives us a glimpse into a world where hope can thrive on humor and not feel so frantic about every ouwie or flooding toilet. I laughed out loud at every turn, and now my kids want to read it!

 I thought I was the only one living the "I Love Lucy" life!
The CRAZY DAZE OF MOTHERHOOD will be flying off the shelves. Her stories are hilarious...
I was laughing too hard...I sat at the kitchen table doubled over with laughter...
If you want to take a moment to find the funny ... check out Crazy Daze....
Jane's style is very reminiscent of Erma Bombeck. You'll laugh out loud...
Mothers all over the world, young, old, new, or already grandmothers, should have a copy of this small, but absolutely delightful book!
I laughed so hard at Jane Isfeld Still's Bombeckian commentary about her own phone and her own children that I cried.
I read her first book and loved it, so I wanted more!
This is one of those little inspirational books that reads quickly and is uplifting to any mom who needs to laugh!
Crazy Daze of Motherhood has some seriously funny, laugh-out-loud stories!


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