I was in Utah last week and stopped to visit my son Garret. I decided that since he was exceptionally successful in his business this year he should lavish me with an expensive gift. Maybe Mother’s Day would be pleasant this year.

The problem was I wanted it to be his idea. The odds of that happening were nil so I made a call to Rick. No sense beating around the bush.

“Honey, since Garret’s making lots of money I want him to buy me a picture for Mother’s Day. I want you to suggest to him that he take me down to pick one out. But be subtle.”

Moments later Garret came into the room.

“Mom, Dad called. He says you want me to get you a picture.”

Rick—subtle as a stubbed toe!

“Uh…I …Why would he say that? Oh—thats right, it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. He probably thought it would be nice for you to get me a gift. How about we go right now?”

I found the perfect picture…$580. Of course I didn’t expect him to pay that much but it was obvious he inherited his dad’s sensitivity.

“Mom, I don’t love you $580 worth.”

I wasn’t about to write Mother’s Day off. I have five other children after all. Here’s the run down. Jason forgot. No big surprise there.

I was traveling home on Sunday so I called Briana for some information. She remebered what day it was and slathered me in love and affection.

“Happy Mother’s Day Mom, you’re an awesome mother. Kristjana wants to talk to you.”

“Mom, Briana bought a dog so she doesn’t want me to keep Chika here. Can you keep her at your house? You could pick her up on your way home.”

“I suppose I could.”

“Thanks. Love you, goodbye.”

“Is there a happy Mother’s day in there somewhere? Can I expect gifts when I come by?”

“Mom, I’m giving you Chika.”

Wow, I felt like such a queen.

A few minutes later, Ariana called. “Mom where is your electric frying pan? I’m making a big Mother’s Day dinner.”

Finally someone was going to show me a little appreciation. “That sounds wonderful hon. I should be home about three o’clock. What time is dinner?”

“Oh I wasn’t expecting you home until late tonight. I invited all the Sypher’s for dinner.”

Later that afternoon Adam called. “Happy Mother’s Day mama.”

“Adam, thanks for calling. How are you? Listen I’m sorry but I have to go. We have a houseful of people here and we are about to sit down for dinner.”

Thank goodness Mother’s Day is over and I have a whole year of therapy before the next one comes along.


ali said...

I *am* supposed to laugh at this, right? Please tell me yes because I already am!

And Jane? Your blog looks fabulous! Congratulations!!

Connie said...

SERIOUSLY? Oh those stinkers would SO be on my "chunk of coal" list for Christmas.

Well happy belated Mother's Day sweet Jane (even though you are not my mother I do feel your pain).

wendy said...

that was funny...I think a lot of mothers could probably relate.
(side note...we are going to Utah next week so I can see my kids)

so did you get the picture or not.

Shari said...

I smell what you're stepping in, and it stinks.

kbrebes said...

Love the new look of your blog!!! Wish I could see what your $580 pic looks like. All five children should go in together to get it for your birthday!!! : )

Cindy M Hogan said...

Hey, Just here to say hello. I'm figuring out this blogging thing and how to follow and all that jazz. So glad I found you. I think you are so funny! It was fun to see you at the conference.

Renae said...

Mother's Day never goes as smooth as it's supposed to. Thanks for the post and I loved the news article about you.

Betsy said...

My life is crazy! I felt your pain. When my kids ask me what I want for Mother's Day, I tell them, "Just leave me alone...oh, and for today, can you just declare a cold war instead of open hostility?" I hope your birthday fares better.


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