I thought all my grocery shopping woes were over. No longer did I have to slink down the Kotex aisle and try to blend a month supply of feminine hygiene product in with the milk. Nor did I spend hours in a comatose stupor to select the perfect pair of pantyhose.
Then came the day I needed to freeze 120 pounds of chicken breasts. I needed baggies—lots of baggies.
Rick’s part of this little project was to simply pick up the chicken. He always gets the easy job.
All he had to do was drive 45 miles during rush hour traffic, in the pouring rain, then wait in line for 2 hours then load the chicken into the car and drive back home.
I on the other hand had to drive to the store and purchase the perfect plastic bags.
It was one of those jobs that disguises itself as something simple but before you know it, you are sucked into the bowels of the pit where plastic burns forever but is never completely consumed.
Ordinarily purchasing a box of baggies was a simple matter but today it was a combination of math and science, my two hatingest subjects in school.
How many bags does it take to house 120 pounds of chicken? And if I was going to buy some, I should buy twice as many because I would probably need them next year too. My grandmother instilled in me all my life that a depression was impending. If I didn’t buy extra maybe they would cost too much next year or worse yet be rationed.
As I stood in front of the baggy shelf my jaw went slack. There were so many choices. Which should I buy Ziploc or Glad? How thick did the plastic need to be? What was the best buy? The ones with the regular zip seal, or the extra wide zip that guaranteed to seal? I pulled out my calculator.
Did I need 40 quart or 100 quart packages? How many chickens would each one hold? Maybe I should get gallon or two gallon size.
After spending more time there than I had at my last four hair appointments I decided to buy two packages of 40 quarts, one each of wide and narrow seal; one 100 count box and two boxes of gallon size to put the quarts into after we had filled them. I wasn’t taking any chances on the seal guarantee or not.
I am pleased to announce that we now have enough baggies to get us through any major gas hike, two depressions 14 years of severe rationing.


Connie said...

Whoa!!! First of all, I like the new look. It kind of took me by surprise, I thought I had clicked on the wrong blog.

You can make a trip to the store so much more fun than my boring trips. So glad baggies will no longer be on your 'need to get' list.

Betsy said...

It was so awesome to meet you at Storymakers!


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