While Mother's Day is still a faint memory I would like to comment on mine. This year had all the earmarks of being a banner day for me. I was appearing on a television show the day after Mother's Day so my family didn’t want me to have any ammunition to use against them.
Saturday afternoon I had shopped for a simple meal that my husband and son could prepare on Sunday: pork roast, rolls, potatoes, and vegetables, all topped off with strawberry shortcake.
Rick took me out to dinner Saturday night. Things were looking good.
Sunday started perfectly. Rick got out of bed to put the roast in while we were at church. Surprise! My son Garret was a speaker and even included some glowing remarks about his mama. Mother's Day had never gone this way before. I was feeling a little unbalanced. Then it happened.
When Garret finished speaking he leaned over to ask, "Mom where is my car?"
"Is this a riddle?" I whispered. "Where did you put it?"
That was the last I saw Garret until I got home.
"I found my car, Mom."
"That's nice. Where is it?"
"Let me show you."
He took me by the arm and led me down the steep hill that is our driveway. We walked across the gravel road, stepped over the big logs on the other side of the road, ran across the vacant lot to the edge of a ravine. There, thirty feet straight down was Garret's car lodged in the mud.
Why wasn’t I surprised? It was Mother's day after all.
Rick helped Garret dig out the car while I cooked dinner and cleaned up the dishes.
For entertainment, I took pictures of the tow truck hauling the car out of the ravine. Then I took more pictures. You know you're in trouble when the tow truck needs a tow truck. Life was back to normal.
It's a good thing I learned a long time ago that Mother's Day wasn't all about me. It was about my family feeling good for the little things they did to let me know they care. My family had passed with flying colors.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. What a Mothers day..Too funny.

Monique said...

Do we get to see the pictures?

Terri Ferran said...

Did you ever tell Garret you drove his car over the edge? As payback for all the times he pushed you right over...

Jane Isfeld Still said...

HAHA Terri. I would have but I didn't know it was in the ravine until he told me.

cre8ivlady said...

Hey there, Lady Jane! We really ought to do lunch sometime soon, before one of us has something happen that takes us out for who-knows-how- long. I can't believe how long it's been since we first met at Toastmaster's...the Toastmasters contest that is. Ye old tempus sure does fuget (sp.?) when you're colliding through life as a post-menopausal) woman with ADHD! Especially when you adjust a picture on the wall while standing on a soft sofa, lose your balance (if I ever have one) and fall backwards, land on the floor, knock yer knoggin' on the corner of a teak-wook Bombay chest, with the resounding sound of a Babe Ruth home run! No stars came out to dance, no loss of consciousness (but EGADS how I wished I HAD been unconscious—it hurt like someone had knocked me sideways with a 4 X 4 fence post! Hard to think straight and calm down your frantic hubby who's expecting his nurse/wife to direct him! When he heard the cacauphonous "AAAAGGGgghhhhhh!" as I fell, he knew it was serious, because "it came from your lizard brain, not your monkey brain!" Poor Bob thought I'd cracked my scull wide open when he heard the sound.
Anyhow give me a call or email me though Facebook, Let's get together,yea yea yea! Patti Collins

Jenica said...

Classic Garret. I'm scared when he's driving, and now I need to be scared when he's parked!

Jane Isfeld Still said...

I am laughing so loud jenica. He is terrifying isn't he. LOL


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