The People You Meet When You're Not Looking

One of the potentially scary things about being a writer is the people you meet. I met Terri Ferran, author of Life's Alphabet Soup, for the first time in Ohio at the Erma Bombeck conference; next in Utah at our publisher’s dinner then at the LDSTORYMAKERS Conference. It wasn't until I saw her at my book signing for Women's Conference that I realized she was stalking me.
This made me a little nervous because I had just read her book. I laughed out loud when she fed her children powdered milk and told them it was cats milk and when she convinced them that their real parents were Swamp Creatures with stringy greasy hair who would love to have them back.
Those things weren't quite so funny once I suspected her of stalking me. What if she did have swamp connections. I got a little nervous and decided it was time to come home.
I must admit however, that I realized we were kindred spirits when I read her chapter about bathtubs. Both of us love a beautiful elegant tub. Mine is surrounded by candles and has a beautiful view.
We each gaze lovingly at our tub and imagine what it would be like to have the time for a luxurious bath. Then reality hits and we remember that if we did bathe we would have to clean the thing.
I have decided that of the two of us I am definitely the cleaner and more ambitious one. Terri simply dusts her tub. I take the vacuum to mine. It's more work to get the vacuum out and it cleans better.

Terri’s book is a fun read full of stories that will make you laugh and feel good about your mothering skills. She has two other novels to her credit: Finding Faith and Having Hope. She is working on Choosing Charity to complete the trilogy.

Check out Terri's blog and the interview she did of my book. She is very creative and managed to do it without any input from me. She would love you to follow her and make comments :)
Terri's Blog
You can buy Terri's book at Amazon or at Cedar Fort


Terri Ferran said...

I am watching you. Waiting. In the swamp. Or elsewhere!

CTW said...

Now I'm scared of both of you!

jane still said...

Very wise hehehe :)


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