The plane was starting down the tarmac. I was on my way home from my second writers conference this month. Suddenly the plane slowed. The pilot came on the intercom.
"Ladies and Gentlemen we've lost a generator, but don't worry we have plenty of generators here at the airport and should be on our way shortly."
OK, how do you lose a generator? Does if fall out of the plane and bounce up and down the runway? Was someone running beside the plane with two fingers in their mouth whistling for the plane to stop?
It would have been alot less dramatic if they had simply told us that the generator wore out or stopped working.
I felt a blog entry coming on so I picked up my pen and paper and started to jot some thoughts down. The man next too me broke my concentration.
"Ma'am I don't think this is so bad you have to write your last will and testament. But if you are will you tell my wife I love her."
I started to laugh. All the people on the plane and I was sitting next to a Seinfeld wannabe.
When I started out to my first conference a week ago in Ohio the plane stopped on the runway because it was missing a simple little signal light. As a result, I missed my plane in Chicago and a dinner appointment.
How important is a tiny little signal light anyway? If the signal light in my car goes out my life doesn't grind to a halt. I keep driving until either the cops pull me over or my husband gets around to fixing it. Until then I just open the window and stick out my arm.
I suppose, however,that if a pilot stuck an arm out the window he might get sucked out of the plane. Not a happy thought.
I have to go back to Utah on Tuesday for more booksignings. I think I'll drive.


Annie Bowlby said...

Oh, Jane...."I have to go back to Utah for more book signings." ~~~sigh~~~POOR BABY!!!! What a circus your life has turned into! Well, let me just tell you, I'm rooting for you here on the sidelines, you go girl! Have fun and meet people and enjoy your significant success! Don't wear yourself out, rejoice in every single goodness of the season you are now in. But don't forget us here at home who love and miss you! And try to come on Thursday night at 7 PM! Love, Annie

Anonymous said...

Jane - I asked my son, Scott, to get "Mother's daze" for me for Mother's Day. I texted him with the 'hint'. He got the book, a bonzi (sp?) plant, card AND a 'redbull'! Is that great or what...the redbull i mean. My kids know, once in a while, I need a little extra help! I read your book in one day - and even my husband cracked up laughing. It was the part about the 'penthouse suite'. He knows, even he, would be in question for that comment. Thank you for the fun. :) Amy

Jane Isfeld Still said...

Thanks Amy glad you liked it. :)


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