My husband Rick strode through the door with a big box. "Hey hon, your books are here!"
We all hurried into the kitchen. I got out the butcher knife while my grandchildren rushed over to the island and perched on the edge of their stools. Rick and my daughter Ariana stood by, excited for the viewing.
I carefully cut though the tape. I knew that seeing my name on the cover of my first book would be a momentous occasion and then, to actually hold it...I couldn't wait. Friends, who had experienced this for themselves, had told me it would be a memorable experience. I opened the box, removed the wads of paper protecting the precious cargo and gazed at my book.
I was instantly taken back to the moment I saw my first born. I'd had a c-section and the first thing I said when I woke up and they told me I had a boy was, "is he ugly?"
Rick had said,"no he's beautiful." He rolled me to the nursery window so I could take a peek. That was the moment I knew that Rick was either blind or a terrible liar.
The first look at my book was just as jarring.
I picked it up. OK, it was cute, but it was so little. It hardly weighed anything. I had been excited to tell people about it and now I was a little embarrassed. So much for magical moments.
As quickly as my surprise over Jason's lack of beauty had turned into joy I realized that my book was the perfect size. It could stand alone or be tucked into a gift box or bag. Not only that, just like Jason, it was packed with personality and humor.
The best thing about 'Mother's Daze' is that it is the perfect companion to a box of decadent chocolates. Curl up and enjoy your Mother's Daze.


beccablue_24 said...

I'm happy it's small! It's the perfect size to stick in my purse so I can take it to the Dr.'s office, Dentist's office, etc. to read while I wait! I LOVE how the pictures resemble you and your family!! Can't wait to get my own!

Truthful Insights said...

It is a marvelous looking (little) book! I'm so delighted for you and am looking forward to reading my very own copy. OH that reminds me, today's the 8th, I'm off to to get it now :-)


Chaina said...

You are too funny Jane. I cannot wait to order my book. See ya at the book signing!

mwilson said...

Just finished reading it Jane - it is wonderful and delightfully witty. Brought back a boat load of memories from the baby days - can't say I miss them much. Had me laughing out loud nearly every page.

Esmerelda said...

Congrats on your first book. From the newness of motherhood to the newness of seeing your first published book in print. You go Girl.
Glad you didn't compare a C-section to using a box cutter on your shipment of books. Lol.
Enjoy the journey you are embarking on.


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