My friends, someone hacked into on my e-mail account and is e-mailing my contacts telling them that I am in London, was mugged, and need money. Please disregard that e-mail. I am safe at home and a little ticked off. If you get this please let any friends I may have on your e-mail lists know my predicament.
While it's nice to know that my friends are concerned and called me, no one sent money. Hmmm should I be cheered or not?
NOTE: I would never ask for money. I might say, "I am being held ransom until one million of my books have been sold so please spread the word and flood Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, and Borders with orders so I can be released back into the bosom of my family."
That has so much more class than just asking for money don't you think? After all, only a fool would think I would be tacky enough to ask for money and try to extort my intellegent friends.
However, if you ever get an e-mil that I am in Austria and need money it's probably true.
Have a wonderful day and go make your passwords more foolproof.
Happy Daze


Jenica said...

yikes jane! if you sign up for third party things in your email, that's where you get scammed. let me know if you need any help!

Melissa J. Cunningham said...

That is terrible! I'm so sorry! Hope it all gets worked out!

franklycreative said...

I remember reading the scam post on A.I. and immediately thinking it was just that, a scam. I'm glad everything worked out okay for you. I loved your rebuttal, that comment about being held ransom until a million of your books have been sold--cute.

Hey, thanks for your comment on Christine's blog Friday when I was her guest.I would love to meet you as well. Are you coming to the Storymakers conference in April?


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