Most women, at some time or another, turn into turn into their mothers. Not me. I have turned into my dad. That might not seem so bad except my dad is Archie Bunker. OK, he is not officially Archie Bunker but I am certain that DNA tests would prove that they were brothers separated at birth.
Like Archie, my dad is very opinionated and waxes eloquent when it comes to politics. However, my dad is very educated in history and current events and within moments of meeting someone he will form an opinion about their parentage and slam them to the wall with a verbal diatribe if they have liberal or progressive leanings.

I am also a conservative but my son Adam happens to be liberal; a fact that I am not thrilled about. I don't know which branch of the family tree he fell out of.
Unlike my father, I like to maintain a modicum of respect for other peoples views, or at least in some way keep the peace in the family.

Adam is a good son and calls me to touch base. Inevitably, the conversation turns to politics. Let me rephrase that. Inevitably, I turn the conversation to politics. It is still my obligation to educate him a little. I am his mother after all.
Here is where it gets interesting. I bring a subject up, Adam listens a moment, and then he adroitly changes the subject. "How is your book coming Mom?"
I immediately discuss my book for a few minutes and turn the conversation back to current events. Adam should be a politician; he doesn't answer any of my questions but changes the subject. "So Mom, how is Garret doing?"
We play this little game for few minutes; back and forth then say good-bye.
As I hang up the phone, I laugh. Adam is convinced he has maintained control of the conversation. Ask me a question and off I go in like a rush of wind.

Just for the record Adam, I am not really my Dad. You just think I am.

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