Stages of pregnancy:
1. I think I am.
2. I know I am.
3. I am so sick!
4. What was I thinking?
5. Will this ever be over?
6. Who knew I could stretch this much?
7. This is taking too long.
8. O-O-O-O-W-W-W!
9. My baby is so beautiful
10. Now what?
There is nothing more exciting than giving birth and after 6 children I finally gave birth to my first book. It took longer than 9 months too--I might add-- but I went through the same painful stages.
From its conception, through the ups and downs, the stretching and pains of actually finishing it, my book is now off to the printer. I saw my cover for the first time today. It may be a mother’s perspective but I think it’s beautiful. Now what?
A new adventure begins. Bonding with technology and learning all the ins and outs of the marketing world may be a lot less tiring than nursing a baby but it is every bit as painful and a lot more stressful.
One thing I have learned; time does indeed fly swiftly by. This time around I will cherish the birth and savor the process.
Take a peek at my baby.

Happy Mother's Daze


Heather Justesen said...

Cute cover, Jane! You must be totally excited about your book. Congrats!

Annie Bowlby said...

Jane, congratulations! This is a great victory, and I am so happy for you! It is hard to imagine that your very first book is going right into Borders and Barnes and Noble!!!! This is absolutely wonderful....


Love, Annie

Melanee said...

Run, sing, shout, WOW, Hooray!!!! LOVE it!! So ridiculously excited for you. I think, what if I would have told you eight years ago, that you would have a book published in B&N etc? So fabulous. Can't wait to hear all the details at writer's group. Love you SO much!!


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