Is there anyone who doesn’t go on a diet after the New Year?
I did well maintaining my weight throughout the holiday and didn’t anticipate any problem losing the little I had gained. Then I discovered a diet I had never seen or heard of before. That alone is quite a feat.
My husband and daughter decided to try this diet. Since I am the chief cook I thought, "what the heck."
For three days you must gorge on every fattening thing you can think of. I’m talking a doughnut sandwich with whip cream and chocolate in the middle. I was sold.
New Years Eve, the biggest party night of the year, I began to gorge. I broke fast with waffles drowning in butter and thick Canadian syrup, topped off with whip cream and sausages.
For lunch I had a bacon hamburger, yukon french fries and a chocolate hazelnut milkshake. I chased all that down with melt in your mouth chocolate balls.
Supper was a problem because I could scarcely breathe. I managed to wash down an apple fritter with gourmet hot chocolate piled high with whip cream.
I rolled myself into bed that first night wondering how I had consumed more calories in one day than I generally consume in a normal week; but I bravely soldiered up for two more days of out of control binging.
Food I have resisted for years passed through these lips, followed by gourmet hot chocolate and whip cream with goodies like half a pecan pie on the side.
I had forgotten how much discomfort is associated with the pleasure of over indulging. It will be a relief not to have to gorge anymore and watch the scale leap forward.
Today I start the other side of the diet. In 21 days my body will be transformed; or will it? I’ll keep you posted.
Happy Mother's Daze



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