I just did the humanly impossible. I walked into the grocery store to pick up a prescription for my granddaughter and never bought another single item. This has been my dream for years. It was so easy! And to achieve this dream? I simply walked down the kitty litter aisle. NO temptation there. I am allergic to cats.

I wish I could say I did it on purpose, but it was totally accidental. I realize now that, to save a small fortune on groceries, all I need is a plan of attack. When I shop, all I have to do is to stop wandering down the candy and chip aisle on my way to the milk and eggs.

When I purchase bread I should go via the kitchen gadget and picnic items aisle. Then, in the summer when I can’t resist the temptation to buy picnic items, I can stroll past the greeting card and wrapping paper. That will work if there are no birthdays, weddings, or holidays coming up. There are only so many aisles that don’t provide temptation. It would be much easier if they had a farm machinery aisle or an aisle or two of hanging fish eyeballs.

I am both thrilled and depressed with my shopping feat. Thrilled because I finally did it—depressed because of the low quality of my dreams.


Connie said...

Reach for the stars Jane! I would say that is a GREAT accomplishment. I once got out of Target for less than $20 and was elated, such a milestone for me.

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

LOL, Jane! I have small goals too. I had a pitch at Storymakers and my goal was not to cry. My dream came true as well :)


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