If you have been following my posts you know that on New Years Eve I started the HCG diet.
When I first heard of the diet I thought it was insane. People actually paid money for the privilege of injecting themselves in the stomach with urine from a pregnant woman. They inflicted this upon themselves everyday for a number of weeks.
Why am I always the last one to find out about these money making schemes? I had six children. I would gladly have sacrificed my urine for the beauty of mankind. I wonder what other items of great value I have flushed down the toilet?
I will never know what possessed me, but on New Years Eve I gleefully poked myself as I spoke encouraging and endearing words to the urine invading my body. "Please don't be poison."
This turned out to be the most perfect diet I have ever tried. I had no hunger or cravings. I lost four inches in my waist, four more in my belly, two in my hips and a gazillion in the chest but hey, did I mention the four inches in my waist?
I followed a strict regime and ate 500 calories a day, (the urine made up the rest). My food consisted of 3 ounces of fish, hamburger or chicken ,twice a day, and a small handful of two different vegetables with each meal. I had an orange and an apple everyday as a treat. I finished that part of my diet February 22.
For the next three weeks I am free to eat whatever I want except sugar, pasta, rice, wheat and potatoes. I was giddy with anticipation but I what should I eat? If I couldn't have sugar what else was there?
It took a few days for my brain to figure out that I could eat cheese, a vast selection of fruits and vegetables and even bacon and eggs. I am experimenting with beans, or do they fall into the sugar or starch group?
I find it interesting that when my choices were taken away, even for a relatively short period of time, and then given back, it took me awhile to adjust. There must be some deep philosophical lesson in there somewhere.
I will keep you posted on what happens in the next three weeks. Happy Mother's Daze


Ramona said...

Good job on disciplining yourself to eat better and for losing the weight. I couldn't do the needles and urine part.

Connie said...

I'm still not convinced about pregnant women's urine, it seems kind of creepy. But to those who are brave enough to try...GO FOR IT!
I can't wait for your book to be released, the anticipation is building. Best of luck.
I thought i had already signed up to be a follower, my mistake. I rectified that and am your newest follower.

Donna said...

You never cease to amaze me!!!! I know I can always count on something from you that will make me smile. But honestly, this new adventure of yours has left me speechless, but has still managed to put a smile on my face!!

Amber said...

My sister is on that diet and she lost 60 pounds! She looks great too.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations - I'm excited to see your book on the shelf. I'm already a follower.
C. LaRene Hall - I can't make this work with my google account. Find me at

Janette said...

I'm sure some people think this is a real diet - but you are kidding, arent't you Jane? Its just a gross satire of dieting? I'm swinging like a pendulum because of being so grossed out ont he one hand and wondering, is this for real because the words "diet" and "losing weight" does tend to do strange things to our brains!!
Surely injecting someone's toxic waste into our bodies would make us lose weight, and probably other things as well . . .


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