I love to sing. The problem is I can’t sing. That point was brought home clearly by my son Adam recently.
He called for my birthday. When he asked me what I was doing for fun. I told him I was in a musical. 
"Good thing I don't live there anymore." he laughed.
“You’ll be happy to know that you can still show your face in town. I don’t have a singing part. But don’t get too comfortable. I may just try out for a singing part someday soon. It could happen. They are letting me sing in the church choir.”

He snorted in laughter again and said. “The church choir doesn’t say no to anyone.”
“Who died and made you a comedian? Not only that, but when you call someone on their birthday it’s just not polite to throw around insults! Especially when the birthdayee is a hair away from senility and could write you out of her will. Besides, it’s not true. My friend Terry told me the choir asked him not to come back.”

Adam was really laughing now. Apparently, he thought I would better serve my talents in stand up comedy.

My singing disability is not because I don’t practice. The problem is I think that if you practice wrong for so many years you just get better at being really bad. I love singing show tunes in the shower. One  day, when I walked out of the bathroom after one especially rousing vocal concerto, I almost tripped over my kids and their friends, who were rolling on the floor of my bedroom, wiping away tears of laughter.

One of my all time favorite songs is, ‘Give My Regards to Broadway.’ My dream has always been to walk down the street like they do in my favorite musicals and sing at the top of my lungs. I am happy to say that dream came true for me several years ago.

We were in the New York subway. When the train thundered down the track and I felt secure that no one could hear me, I threw my head back and belted out my full throated tribute to Broadway. It was amazing. Part of my jubilant feeling came from the shock on the faces of my children as they tired to get as far as they could from me and still catch the same car on the subway.
No one threw money my direction, but on the upside, they didn’t throw rocks either.


Angie said...

I'll bet you sing better than you think, and I love that you sing at the top of your lungs no matter what! Hooray! (And thank you for the review.)

Connie said...

I love the way you can laugh at yourself but it kind of makes me sad because I KNOW you have so many good things you do that I am afraid others might think you are a big goof. You are a lovely lady, a wonderful mother and grandmother, you always look cutting edge in the way you dress, your house and yard are gorgeous, you can inspire people, wards, stakes and communtities with your ideas and pull of picnics that feel more like county fairs. Well you get the idea, you have so many good and admirable qualities that I think need to be acknowledged too. Here, here for Jane, the wonder woman!!!!!!!!!!


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