Before marriage I guarantee that at any given moment you can think of five thousand fun activities to do with your boyfriend. Just being together is entertaining enough. Never, not for the infiticimal part of a second, did it occur to me to choose to spend time on a date cleaning my house. I am just that sharp when it comes to some things.

Before Rick and I got married, conversations about dusting and scrubbing toilets never came up. There was simply no smooth way to slip it into the conversation. It’s not like when you are holding hands you can say, “Could you give me a moment. I have an overpowering urge to clean the toilet.” Frankly, if you are thinking dust bunnies and bowel cleaner on a date perhaps you need to look for a new guy.
Rick and I rarely have a Saturday, or any day when we are both home together. A few weeks ago we had a beautiful day, to do anything we wanted. I suggested we clean the garage. Proof positive that the romance is gone from our marriage—or is it?
Have you ever considered how unromantic it would be to use toilets that are never cleaned, walk on floors that have several months worth of leftovers on them, or to fight your way through dirty dishes to find one without some kind of fungus growing on it, just so you could get a drink? Let me just say, if you want to see real romance in action, just come to my house. In fact, now that our garage is clean, romance is over the top. :)


Connie said...

Maybe, just maybe you could suggest to Rick that if you both got in and cleaned the house, including the bathrooms, together then you could have all kinds of time for romance? Somehow house cleaning and romance just dont meld.

Super Happy Jen said...

My kitchen sink supports its own ecosystem. National Geographic should do a documentary. There's nothing sexier than a man doing housework.

N.Scott said...

That's why, when you're dating, you never invite them over to the house ;)


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