Am I the only one to have totally bizarre thoughts just before I wake up? You know in that place when you are not asleep but not awake either. When you are aware that your brain has taken control and you wonder, what the heck is it thinking!
The other day I woke up editing. I could see a red line under the words my brain had misspelled, just like it does on the computer. I made the appropriate change but then it popped up wrong again. It took two more times before the change was made.

I learned a few things from this:
1. My brain tries to take charge of my actions when it thinks I'm not looking.
2. I dream in color,
3. Even in my dreams ,not only do I make mistakes, but it takes me more than once to get it right.
4. If this is any indication, I dream extremely boring things. No wonder I don’t bother remembering them.

What does this say about me? I am saving all my creativity for my waking hours? I am a perfectionist? Why did I have to correct the word the second time? Couldn’t I have just opened my eyes and said “Jane you are an idiot. Who corrects their spelling in their sleep?” Am I a control freak and have to control my dreams? Maybe I am just plain boring.

Not to insult my readers, but if you are still reading this maybe your life is a little boring too. LOL

1 comment:

Connie said...

Maybe in your spare time you could interpret dreams for people. My dreams don't seem to be as clear as yours.
Just plain boring? No that is not a phrase I would connect you with at all!!!!


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