I woke up one morning and said to myself, “What can I do today to prove what a complete ditz I am.”

Well not exactly, but if I did start my day that way, then when I did do something ridiculous it would appear to be planned—a success instead of a humiliation. However, if you are going to do something stupid, it’s much more rewarding when you involve others, so I called my friend Connie.

Connie is a talented well grounded homemaker and crafting diva. She also has a vinyl lettering business and I decided I wanted to put up some awe inspiring quotes on my walls.

Most people spend hours, days, or even weeks considering the words of wisdom that will adorn their wall for generations. Not me. Twenty minutes on Google and I’m good.

A few days later, Connie gave me a quick lesson in the art of vinyl letter application. I went home and gathered together a level, a measuring tape and pencil  then set about mounting my first quote, Bon Appetit. Short and to the point. 

I was on the job for exactly thirty five and a half seconds before I had to take a flying leap off the cupboard to make my first phone call to Connie. I had taken the letters off the backing material when I realized I needed to re-measure. I stuck the letters back to the paper except I stuck them to the sticky side instead of the waxed side and now I couldn’t get them off. "Can you please redo the letter?" I asked. "No worries, I know exactly what I'm doing now. I won't need to call again." I reassured her.

Connie was SO nice each of the fifty nine hundred times I called her in the span of one hour. I can’t remember all the problems I had, but when a letter stuck to my kitchen chair instead of the wall I decided that there was a reason no one sat with me at my table when we did crafts at church.

The last time I called Connie it took a long time for her to answer. I am assuming she was afraid to pick up the phone. I think the only reason she did is that she thought there was no possible way I could have done anything dumber than what I had already done. She was so wrong.

She sounded relieved but a little scared when I asked her to come and help me. Turns out it’s really easy to put up vinyl lettering and before the day was out I was a pro.

I could make the blog longer and go into more detail, but do you really think I want to advertise what a clutz I am?

For Connies side of the story and pictures of quotes visit her blog :) here


Connie said...

I know you had a few glitches during this process but when it was all finished I thought everything was perfect. Great Job!

Anne R. Allen said...

I am in awe of crafters, divas or not. I can sew a straight seam, and that's about it. Vinyl letters--I wouldn't have a clue. Kudos to you for learning so fast! said...

So long as it looks good in the end, that's all that matters, right?

Vicki ~ The Green Eyed Girl said...

They look great and Connie is a sweetheart for sure!


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