The other day the power went out at our house. It was a Sunday Morning just before my daughter left for church. Lucky for her she had just finished straightening her hair.

Our generator kicked in a few minute later and we were laughing.
I decided that this would be a good opportunity for me to remind myself exactly what functions we had and make sure the generator was functioning properly.

I ran through the house checking every bathroom and bedroom and the plugs in each room. The main light worked in all the critical rooms and every bedroom had a light plus a plug in.

My inventory included Garrets room where he was still sleeping. I flicked on the light.

“Hmphrigermagrrrr……….” His pillow was alive.

“Just checking to see which lights are on.” I said. “The power is out.”

Obviously Garret is lacking excitement in his life because a few minutes later he came bounding into the kitchen.

“Hehehe, this is cool. We have lights. Does the stove work?”

That’s Garret, always thinking of his stomach.

I had turned on the propane earlier but it hadn’t come on. I think it will if you light it.

Garret got a match and bent close to the burner. Whoof, it burst into flame that almost took care of the problem I am having with his new Sampson look. Worst luck. I guess their was a little residual propane in the air from when I tried it earlier. I kept that little nugget to myself. Might come in handy in the near future.

Garret started calling his friends. “Guess who’s not going to be in the dark when the lights go out.” He boasted. “Guess who won’t be eating cold spam and beans?”

He ran back downstairs while I continued checking a few more things. Everything was working well. We might not be washing clothes and I had to find a plug in for my freezer if the power went off in an emergency but we would have everything else to function normally.

I looked at Garret. He was gloating to himself in the corner. “The power’s out and I can still get on my computer. HEHEHE. Life is good.”

I shook my head and walked back upstairs. Who says life is good. Suddenly I was nostalgic. I missed fumbling around in the dark to find the flashlight and then trying to find the candles and the lantern.

It was so much more exciting when we could step back into another century, stop all the everyday rush, and have nothing more to do than visit by candlelight and play games. Dinner was always more exciting and tasted better heated over the fireplace, I felt gypped.

I am one sick mama. If my generator wasn’t working, I’d be mad. It was working perfectly and I’m still feeling mad. Women! If we can't figure ourselves out who can?


Connie said...

I am with you, I kind of like the adventure of finding candles and everyone gathering in one room to visit and play games. Just don't let it get too cold, we don't have a fireplace or woodstove.

I left a comment last night but don't know where it went???

Jane Isfeld Still said...

I LOVE you for commenting. I never feel it is a good blog unless I get a comment LOL
I realize this is not slam packed with humor but hey maybe things will look up and I'll humiliate myself on some front tommorrow :)


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