It’s official, after a year, my daughter and her five children have moved to their own home. Ariana has been building it for a year now.

The carpet cleaners are coming to clean my seriously dirty carpets that were once a fresh clean cream color. Or were they? Hmm, it’s been so long I can’t remember.

My carpets have been fingernail polished, cleaned with bleach, peed on, bled on, had food dumped on them and finally at Christmas, Tristan shot them with a toy paint gun that I hope had toy paint.

I have been organizing and cleaning the house and repainting many of the walls. Tristan turned two while they lived here and became very artistic with a pen. His canvas of choice, when he was disenchanted with the walls, were the windowsills and doors. What was I thinking when I chose to have them painted with an oil base paint.

That boy gets around. When bored, he liked to hammer things into my hardwood floors.Was it any wonder then that I finally caved and did what any sane, seriously busy grandma would do, I let them watch television.

I realized the other day that maybe TV watching had gone a little overboard when Kaden, my 9 year old grandson came rushing into my bedroom.

“Grandma, can you call mom and ask her to bring home some Sudafed for kids?”

“Why, are you sick?”

He gave his lopsided sheepish grin. “No.”

“Why do you want some then?”

“It helps a kid feel more like a kid.”

OK, these kids were definitely getting too much on screen entertainment. I should have paid more attention when we were watching a movie together and they didn’t want to fast forward through the commercials.

They never had television at home except for movies once or twice a week and now, just so evil grandma had time to do nonessential things—like breathe—their minds were twisted by commercial television. And I mean really twisted. I caught them fast-forwarding the cartoons to re-watch the commercials.

Lucky thing Ariana was getting them away from my corrupting influence. I hope she can clean their minds as easily as I can clean the walls and carpets.


Randall said...

Interesting post. We don't watch TV, so instead of using commercial television as the baby sitter, we use the DVD player. You know you've gone overboard when your kids walk around talking all day like movie characters.

No worries though. Your grandkids might go through some withdrawal, but they'll get over it.

Randy McNeely

kbrebes said...

Cute, Jane, but I'm looking for your cover!

kbrebes said...

Found it, LOVE it!!!

April said...

I share your pain, Jane. My babies love playing with their coloring pens and brushes but no matter how much I try, I can't make them express their artistic side on paper instead of the carpet! Thank God carpet cleaners in Tampa are accessible. They are a lifesaver, especially when guests are coming. Carpet cleaning in tampa is cheaper too, so my purse doesn't hurt much.

Jane Isfeld Still said...

Thanks April :) But after all is said and done I guess carpet can be replaced. LOL.


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