Sometimes if I wasn’t so busy living my life I would love to sit back and watch it on a television screen.
I was in the middle of the simple task of making Rice Krispie squares for my grandson. He was being baptized the next day and told me that’s what he wanted for refreshments.
It was beneath my dignity to serve such simple fare so I decided on a version that required cooking and no marshmallows.
I bought the required Rice Krispies and made my first mistake. I left them on the counter. Of course my son Garret, who never eats Rice Krispies, decide to have them for breakfast and ate just enough to make me half a cup short. I was not going to go buy another box so I decided to substitute frosted flakes.
I was supposed to mix the syrup and sugar until they melted before I added the peanut butter and margarine but I neglected to read that part of the recipe until it was too late and they were all melting together on the stove.
I was in the middle of pouring the mixture over the Rice Krispies, (and frosted flakes) when Garret and his friend Mark came in from sun tanning.
“So Mom, Mark and I are going to the gym now.”
“First, would you please go down the street to the garage sale and pick up a couch and chair I bought for your sister today. You’ll have to bring it here until she gets off work. They had some decorator cushions on the couch make sure you bring those too.”
I went back to my Rice Krispie concoction. I was supposed to flatten them onto wax paper, spread them with chocolate frosting, roll them up and slice. So far, I was up to my elbows in a sticky gooey mess that didn’t want to come off my fingers and hands let alone roll.
A few minutes later, Jason walked into the kitchen, just as Garret and Mark returned from getting the furniture.
“So mom, they said the cushions didn’t come with the couch.”
“Mom, you bought a couch with no cushions?”
I ignored Jason. “Did you tell them I wanted the cushions?”
“Yes we did, didn’t we Mark.” Mark nodded. “They said the cushions didn’t come with it.”
“Let me get this straight,” said Jason. “You bought a couch with no cushions?”
Garret shook his head. “They were ugly. Kristjana probably wouldn’t want them anyway?”
Jason waved his arms over his head. “Why the heck would Kristjana want a couch with no cushions?”
Garret couldn’t help himself. My blood runs in his veins and he had to keep up the stupid conversation. “Tell her it comes like that.”
“What a bunch of idiots. Who sells a couch without cushions? What is she supposed to do with it?”
I wanted to laugh and explain about the missing cushions but I was too busy picking out soggy pieces of wax paper embedded in Rice Krispies that were oozing chocolate frosting and wouldn’t roll.
I slapped them into a cake pan and smashed them down. They looked an awful lot like gourmet dog food but my brain was too tired to make more.
Maybe I would just go lay down on a couch that actually had cushions an take a nap.

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Jenica said...

Hahahahaha I was laughing so hard cause I could picture this conversation in your kitchen perfectly! Also, Garret was obsessed with Rice Crispies in college, he always asked me to make them for him. Another thing, Garret eats anything that is labeled "food," so I would be surprised if the concoction still existed by the next morning. Awesome story!


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