I am usually thankful for everything in my life but in my last blog, I stated that I was not thankful for my nose. This seems to have started an assault on my head.
Things began with my mouth when it indiscriminately inhaled all food within my line of vision. In the midst of one of my gorge fests, I lost a filling. The long and short of that was a temporary crown.
Lucky me, when they put on the temporary crown they left a string of gauze in my tooth that became infected and I am sure gave me a migraine.
I have gone years taking my head for granted. It simply fills the cavity that would be left there without it. It’s something I paint and primp once a day before I face the world.
Other people are always more curious about my head than I am. I often hear remarks like, “I’d love to know what goes on inside that brain of yours.”
It’s not that I don’t spend time thinking. I just don’t think about the mechanics of what happening inside my head. I can tell you however, this week it has been like fireworks on the Fourth of July.
Sometimes people are not thankful for other people’s heads; like when they are sitting behind someone with a big head at the theater and can’t see around them or when someone is so ugly it hurts to look at them.
When they were growing up my son, Garret had no gratitude for his younger sister Briana’s head.
“Mom, Briana is so dumb. She doesn’t think. In fact, she owes time to thinking.”
However, though it caused Garret pain, Briana has never once been ungrateful for her head. She is particularly proud of her memory and once even bragged about it.
“I have the memory of an elephant; or is it a giraffe? Which one is it that never forgets?”

The moral of this story is, be thankful for your nose or your head will start to hurt.

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Terri Ferran said...

I am thankful for your head (and I will not say something rude like "I especially like the rattling sound your head makes when you walk!")

We are twins, separated by birth and a few years (give or take). My head, nose, face, and mouth have all rebeled. I think they figure "The brain left, why are we still here?"

I have more crowns than Queen Victoria and have experienced the "Oops that piece of gauze COULD be causing your pain." I have personally financed my dentist's Extreme Home Makeover.

I think your Briana and my Brianna may be the same person...


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