Thank goodness I am not addicted to chocolate. That statement alone calls into question my sanity. It’s not that I don’t love chocolate but I can take it or leave it. However, once in awhile, for some unknown reason, I do get a chocolate craving; and it craves me back. I know because it attaches itself to me.
My belly grows and grows. My pants expand until the seams threaten to split asunder and expose my underwear to a stiff breeze, and I begin to look like I might give birth to a chocolate factory.
I have been known to eat an extra large pan of double chocolate brownies in one sitting, but then, poof, the craving disappears. My pants shrink back down to size and my underwear is safe.
What I am addicted to, however, is my blog. When I turn on my computer, I rush to check it out. Every hour I quit writing to go and see what’s new. Before I turn my computer off, I look at it again. IT NEVER CHANGES! I am insane.
The stories; precisely the way I left them; the comment section at the end of each story; always the same; practically non-existent.
The pinnacle of my insanity is when I rush to my Google analytics page to see what my blog traffic is. It is always a flat line. I DON’T KNOW HOW IT WORKS!
For a year I put off creating a blog. I was worried. What would I say? Now, one month out, I’ve hit that wall and it’s @#*%#@#. My fingers don’t care. They are twitching over the key board and fighting with my brain. My fingers are winning. They are pounding the keyboard. I can’t be responsible for what they say next.
It’s the dreaded blogitis. There is no vaccine. My little bloggy has become a living, vital entity with a voracious appetite. My fingers are being pounded into stubs, my brain is numb.
People, have compassion. The page must change. Leave a comment; become a follower. Pleeeaaasse…..


Shayla said...

Jane, you've got it bad. I'm convinced all true bloggers go through it. In fact, every time I post I go through it again. Checking over and over wondering if someone else has commented. Who knew I craved pats on the back so much?! It eases with time, though. Rest Assured. I love to hear your voice through your words...even after all these years I can hear it. :-) Blog on, sister!

C. K. Bryant said...

I'm already a follower, but I'm happy to leave a comment. First of all, I think your blog rocks. Second, I do exactly the same thing. I just can't help myself. Except I'm just as addicted to Facebook, constantly checking it all day along, AND my email. It's a wonder I get any writing done at all. Hang in there, it only gets worse. ;-)

Jenica said...

Haha this post made me laugh cause that's how I was when I first started a blog...However, I didn't know how any of it worked so I mostly just stared at it blankly, wondering how I could change it. Keep it up though Jane! Your stories are fabulous!

Annie Bowlby said...

Jane, you are blooming! It is so much fun to see you and hear you and know you are in a state of such tremendous growth and radiate joy and enthusiasm for life! You are witty and fun and willing to help others and devoted to your family. Your writing is reflective of you and you are delightful to read. I think you are going to be a huge success with your book. Truly. I love you! Annie


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