Today I did something I rarely do. Rick came into the bedroom and announced, “I want you to take your computer into another room while I sleep. Your typing is too noisy."
I had no idea the dear man’s ears were so delicate! I can sit beside him at the dinner table and tell him about the up and downs of my day and he can’t hear a word I’m saying. Now the gentle tap, tap, tap, of the computer keys will keep him awake!
My grandchildren were playing in the living room, their mom was downstairs asleep, and Rick wanted to sleep. I’m not stupid. I know how much I’d get done out there in the kid zone. I set my computer down and decided to take a nap too.
I cuddled Chika, the dog, into the curve behind my knees, pulled the blanket up and closed my eyes. In that moment, when sleep is just about to descend, the garage door opened. It must be Chika’s mommy, Kristjana, coming home. Chika shook the blanket off both of us and ran barking to the door. Of course, without the computer hammering in his ears Rick had gone straight to sleep so I had to get up, unlock the door and let Chika out.
I just got comfortable again when Chika began scratching on the door. Why hadn’t Kristjana come upstairs to claim her dog? I knew that I either let the dog back in or repaint the door tomorrow.
I cozied back down with Chika and tried to go to sleep but now I had to go to the bathroom. I untangled myself from the dog, made the hike, and then rearranged Chika back in her favorite spot behind my knees.
Kristjana picked that moment to come upstairs and Chika began the happy growling noises that only a mother can love. My daughter tried to open the door that was locked against an invasion of grandkids. I was not about to get up again so I settled Chika down and we both dozed off.
About an hour later I woke up. I had to go to the bathroom again. Drinking eight glasses of water a day is over rated.
When I came back into the room it was dark and I wanted to get back onto the computer.
I stood and looked down at Rick. His eyes were shut but was he awake?
This man could sleep in broad daylight, with a brigade of grandchildren playing in the next room but pleaded sleep deprivation if I wanted so much as a pinpoint of light on or had the TV turned to a whisper.
I, on the other hand could be expected to sleep through all the fight ‘um beat ‘um up man shows he likes to watch; with the light on bright, I might add.
I put my nose close to his; nothing. I put my hand close to his face and ran it over his head. I was making a second pass when he opened his eyes and stared into mine.
“What are you doing?”
I started to laugh. “I was checking to see if you were still asleep.”
"Wouldn’t it be easier just to call my name?"
I smiled.
“Honey when you wake up and find someone waving their arm over you like a magic wand it’s a creepy feeling. Like your being put under a hex or something."
I just raised my eyebrows and smiled. Maybe I was and maybe I wasn’t.
Happy Mother's daze.

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Jenica said...

Haha! Rick and Garret both have this in common!


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